Dubai is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. With its iconic landmarks, beautiful nightlife and shopping festivals, it is the perfect tourist destination. The human-made paradise is a mass of great architecture and utter luxury. Processing visas to Dubai is hassle-free and affordable. You can also buy tickets to Dubai easily on our website with amazing discounts.

Dubai is home to the tallest buildings in the world, one of which is the Burj Khalifa. The sight of these soaring skyscrapers would leave you in awe. The magnificence and glamour of the city makes it one of the best places for holidays. Be it a romantic getaway or a work break, Dubai has both a serene and lively atmosphere. Travelling to Dubai is an amazing experience that you won’t forget in a hurry.

The beaches and skyline are a sight to behold. Most beaches are privately owned by the 5-star Burj Al Arab, which means that the residents get a free pass to visit them. There are also open beaches that are accessible by anyone. The desert’s climate and the opulence make it a great place to visit, all year round.

Things To Try out in Dubai.

Travelling to Dubai offers lots of fun activities to do. Dubai is the shopaholic’s paradise as it has the biggest shopping malls in the world. The famous Dubai mall extends up to 12 million square feet. It also has an aquarium where you can visit to get a glamorous show of underwater beauty. During the shopping festivals, shopping centers give out discounts for even conduct raffle draws! The traditional market, better called ‘Souks,’ sells beautiful fabrics, jewelry as well as spices. If you’re planning a holiday in Dubai, shopping should be on your to-do list.

Explore Dubai’s culture by visiting the Al Fahidi Historical District. Visit old Dubai and get a tour as you walk from the fort to the museum. You will learn about the epic transformation of Dubai from a small fishing village to the modern architectural wonder that it currently is.

The Nightlife experience in Dubai is one you do not want to miss. A beautiful contrast about the city is that despite its strict sharia laws, there are lots of bars and clubs in the city. With talented DJs and exotic nightclubs, you get to experience an unforgettable fun night.

Your trip to Dubai would be incomplete without a taste of adventure. Feel a rush of adrenaline as you try out Skydiving, the desert safari, and parasailing. If you love skating, the massive ice rinks would be a fun place for you. You can also try out the Aquaventure Waterpark, which houses a wide array of slides and watersports. You will surely get a thrill from scuba diving with dolphins or even swimming with sharks and sea lions.

The Cuisine in Dubai

No culture is left out as exotic, and intercontinental dishes are always available in Dubai. Be sure to try out the Emirati food here; you cannot find these authentic tastes elsewhere. The local cuisine is just as excellent. If you have a sweet tooth, try out the Luqaimat. It is a donut-like dumpling that comes with a delicious date sauce. If you are craving regular food, visit the Dubai Marina. There, you can enjoy cheesecake, pizza, and burgers. The cocktails and rich Arabian coffee are just as great.

Where to stay in Dubai

Your accommodation in Dubai would depend on your budget. The pricier hotels are around the Jumeirah and Marina areas. No worries, there is affordable accommodation with more reasonable rates. Your holiday in Dubai will be fun once you sort out your accommodation

Best time to visit Dubai

Winter is the best time to visit Dubai. November to April comes with pleasant weather that is great for outdoor activities. The shopping festival happens in January, which is another excellent reason to visit Dubai in winter. The city comes alive, but the influx of tourists makes flight rates and hotel prices go higher. Be sure to book accommodation and buy your tickets to Dubai early here.

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