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While some parts of the world are not fully opened, most that are open are seasoned premium travel destinations. Despite the impact of the coronavirus on air travel and hospitality, airfare is not expected to spike, at least not yet. Most airlines will try to forgo airfare increases in order to attract passenger demand for the upcoming festive seasons.

To help you plan ahead, we have rounded up amazing getaways for you that will help you save a lot on airfare.

Cheapest Destinations to Fly This Winter Under $1000

The Dominican Republic

Known in the travel industry as one of the most beautiful tropical destinations, the Dominican Republic’s borders are currently opened for international flights especially from the United States, France, Spain, and a few selected countries.

While the prices have dipped, you will still be required to observe social distancing protocols and the use of masks.

There is also a national curfew imposed on everyone within the borders.

Cheapest Destinations

The Maldives

The Maldives is one of the few popular travel destinations in the world that is welcoming all guests. Starting July 15, these islands started to reopen to international tourism, and unlike most other destinations, very few strings are attached.

Tourists entering the Maldives will not be forced into a mandatory quarantine when they arrive at the Velana International Airport in Male, nor will they be required to provide a coronavirus certificate or proof that they tested negative for the virus.

However, as enticing as it may sound to jump on a plane for this tropical paradise, you will still have to contend with your home country’s Covid-19 regulations including quarantining measures.

Cheapest Destinations to Fly This Winter
Panorama of Cape Town, South Africa. The city beach against magnificent mountains

South Africa

For a flavor of a different season, South Africa is usually on top of the list for people looking for safari adventures. Due to the recent financial struggles of the South African Airways, international airlines have stepped in to fill the high demands, leading to one of the most competitive flight fares ever experienced.

While South African borders were opened for foreign travelers from October 1st, you will be required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival to the country. Also, you will be required to present a copy of a negative PCR test result for coronavirus that is less than three days old at the time of departure. Tourists are also required to have mandatory travel insurance that covers the cost of a coronavirus test for those manifesting symptoms as well as quarantine costs. 

Flight and Hotel Package

Helsinki, Finland

If winter skiing is in your bucket list, don’t overlook lesser-known Finland. It is one of this winter’s cheapest destinations to fly. Besides, the country’s capital is an ideal jumping-off spot for most of the other parts in northern Europe due to its closeness to Tallinn, Estonia as well as overnight ferry rides to Stockholm, Sweden.

A flight from New York to Helsinki starts from $310 today though the price is expected to drop further in December and January.

Helsinki, along with its countryside, is known for its natural beauty, thus if you are a nature lover, this is destination should be in your bucket list.

In terms of accommodation, there are plenty of campgrounds outside the city that charges less than $30 a night.

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Athens, Greece

Flights to Athens are down doubles figures for this winter including established airlines like the Emirates, Etihad, and Turkish Air. Even before the coronavirus, Athens was already slowly transforming into one of the newest affordable flight hubs in Europe, and so you shouldn’t overlook it for the country’s famous paradise islands.


Montana is one of the trendiest travel destinations thanks to its accessibility that is aided by the direct flights to Yellowstone and the Glacier National Park. Most airlines have introduced new seasonal service to increased connections between the largest city in Montana, Billings to other parts of the United States, and the rest of the world.

Some of the low-cost carriers plying this route include Sun Country, JetBlue, and Frontier.

Brisbane, Australia

Many travelers don’t think highly of Brisbane – a modern city that lacks the rich culture and history of Sydney, Perth, or Melbourne. However, this third-largest Aussie metropolitan packs a massive punch in terms of the different tastes of attractions.

According to travel data, airfares to and from Brisbane are down double figures and that includes carriers such as Air Canada, Air New Zealand, and Fiji Airways.


Though Japan never on the list of affordable vacation spots of many travelers, but it is still highly likely to find cheap flights there including under $500 round trip.

Another good thing about choosing Japan as your next travel destination is that there are wide ranges of accommodation options including capsule hotels (a capsule hotel is designed like a hostel bit features small private rooms as well as shared bathrooms).


This Iberian Peninsula country is famous for being the most affordable travel destination in Europe. Flights from New York to Lisbon start from $56.

Though Portugal was one of the heavily affected countries with coronavirus, its travel industry is slowly picking the momentum with the borders opening for international travels, easing of quarantine measures, and formation of travel bubbles.

However, there is still a restriction for people who can travel to Portugal currently. According to the country’s tourism board, citizens from the EU member states are allowed to enter the country without providing a negative coronavirus test result before flying.

Travelers from Schengen Associated Countries as well as those form Canada, Australia, South Korea, China, Japan, Georgia, Morocco, Rwanda, Tunisia, Thailand, New Zealand, and Uruguay are also allowed.

Citizens from other countries are only allowed for essential travel, so be informed before planning your trip to Portugal.


Things also starting to return to normal in Hawaii, though travelers are still expected to self-isolate for 14 days upon arriving at the island. Flights from the West Coast to Honolulu have dropped significantly, and are expected to stay like that beyond January. 

Flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu can be as low as $148.

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